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DMA Institute is the recognized leader in validation and verification of digital audience reach.

Upgrade your digital media and effect measurement

DMA Institute is the recognized leader in real-time, cross-device, media and marketing measurement.

Optimizing the digital value chain

DMAi offers digital media analytics and intelligent insights to drive higher returns for brands, publishers, agencies, and the entire ecosystem.

DMAi Connect

DMAi Connect is an automatic API connection with our Partners who are Publishers, Trading Desks, and Programmatic Platforms.

Performance Analytics Platform

Managing your intelligent data insights, granular analytics and key performance metrics together, and seamlessly reported on one Dashboard, available 24/7.


For how many seconds, and to which URLs, were your Digital Ads served? For every ad, we record if the advert was seen and for how long it was visible.

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Who does your advertising actually reach? In real-time, we identify the placements that will be most viewable to your target audience. Available in 40+ countries.

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Which in-view Ads contributed to conversions, and what were the digital media footprints of the best combinations in terms of Publishers/Networks?

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Viewable paths of the target audience and its effect on brand KPIs (exposed respondents can be selected for Ad Effectiveness). Available in 40+ countries.

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Privacy / Fraud

Operating under the most stringent privacy guidelines adopted by the EU Directive and the GDPR regulations. Offering an integrated approach to identify unwanted content, ad clutter, and various types of fraud.

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Partners & Accreditations

DMAi and its global footprint

The DMA Institute Independent SaaS Enterprise Solution is designed to bring full transparency to the digital media measurement and effect validation. The DMA Institute Enterprise Solution is designed to:

  1. Objectively evaluate and validate digital campaign quality and performance.
  2. Impartially optimize and improve digital campaign value and efficiency.
  3. Secure ‘winning’ online advertising quality and performance levels into the future.

The business model of the DMA Institute SaaS Enterprise Solution is CPM-based. That means all digital media measurement and validation functionalities for just one CPM-rate.

We support you and your partners globally. 24/7.


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