DMA Institute introduces additional viewability definition

July, 2018

DMAi technology allows clients to measure whether a consumer has seen an ad and for how long. Increasing the total number of viewable ad impressions has been shown to improve the performance of ads on sites and apps and increase consumer satisfaction.

Our technology measures the surface of the banner ad according to the IAB viewability standard of at least 50% surface area in view in an active screen for 1 continuous second. The question we kept asking ourselves was, ‘Is it possible to apply a single standard of viewability across every campaign?’.

We are seeing a growing demand for more viewability definitions and finding out that in some cases, specific standards drive improved business outcomes and are therefore worth optimizing on.

For this reason, we have added another standard to our solution, which now measures 100% of the surface area for 1 continuous second at the same time as the IAB viewability standard metric. Therefore, you have the freedom to choose how you wish to optimize your digital campaign based on either standard. All our viewability reports can be easily adjusted in your dashboard to your preferred standard with a simple filter.

While the IAB viewability standard will always have value as a baseline for media quality, brands and agencies are now in the perfect position to discover, through DMAi technology, what definition of viewability works best for their KPI’s and campaign goals.

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