A deep knowledge of the DMAi platform.

What is DMAi Enterprise Platform's vision?

Ads are only viewable if served to the correct audiences. Furthermore, for effectiveness, it is crucial that audiences appreciate and enjoy the creative.

The DMAi Enterprise Platform is uniquely capable of connecting countless drivers of online quality and effectiveness to real people. All these insights are available in the user-friendly dashboards.

This allows you to optimize the complete value chain of digital media and marketing, across 40 countries.

How does DMAi Enterprise Platform work?

Tag your online elements with DMAi. Elements such as display, video, rich media, content, and websites. Get these online elements data insights in real time through the DMAi Dashboard. Act upon insights such as:

  • Non-human traffic
  • Fraud detection
  • Brand Safety
  • Impression placement
  • Viewability
  • Cross-device and in-app reach
  • Cross-device and in-app audiences
  • Viewability in performance journeys
  • Exposed versus non-exposed brand tracking

What can you expect from DMAi's services?

At DMAi we don’t only offer an SaaS Enterprise Solution, we also offer a wide range of specialized services. Our excellent operational team, experienced with virtually all ad-management systems, DSPs, DMPs, and SSPs, will assist you all the way.

These services are designed to support your team and your business.
They include:

  • Production of Tags (naming conventions)
  • Placement of Tags (manually or automated)
  • Quality Control
  • Weekly Update Report
  • End of Campaign Reporting
  • Training (Onboarding and expert sessions)
  • Certification
  • Online Performance Scorecards
  • Strategic use of DMAi Data

How does the DMAi Dashboard work?

DMA Institute provides real-time and cross-device insights on all relevant KPIs dealing with your online presence. Besides KPIs, it also offers various benchmarks.

The DMAi Dashboard offers 20 reports, various filters, benchmarks, and optimization analytics.

DMAi platform is designed for media planners, data scientists, media buyers, platform specialists, and publishing specialists.

How does the DMAi Enterprise Platform prevent false impressions?

The DMAi offers a range of instruments to prevent ‘false’ impressions. These are:

  • IAB accredited white and blacklists
  • Signalling on unwanted or inappropriate content and placement
  • Full transparency on actual URL/placement level (all impressions)
  • Out-of-Geo reports to prevent “geographically wasted impressions”
  • Non-human analytics
  • Detailed device report to detect unwanted impressions/fraud

The Validated Viewability Measurement and Verification Solutions of DMAi Enterprise Platform

The DMAi Enterprise Solution provides instant and validated online viewability insights on a ‘per-impression-level’. Besides the well-documented measurement accuracy, it excels across the entire application. DMAi Viewability works on:

  • All major devices and browsers: mobile (online and in-app), tablet, laptop, PC and TV 
  • All major ad formats: IAB standardized Display, Rich media, Dynamic in-app creatives, Video, (Branded) Content
  • All major currencies: +1, +5, +10, +15 seconds in view
  • All major definitions: +30%, +50%, +70%, 100% on screen

The DMAi Enterprise Solution reports on viewability, in-dashboard or as a data-feed, on the most granular level of  URL/placement level (for example platform> publisher > website > category > ad format type).

Audience, Reach Validation and Verification Solutions of the DMAi Enterprise Platform

The DMAi Enterprise Solution is the global leader in digital, cross-device, Audience, and Reach verification. The Audience Validation and verification of DMA Institute are unique in size and accuracy. It combines actual view time with audiences reached.

The integrated connection of the DMAi Platform with global audience leader ResearchNow<>SSI allows for an unprecedented accuracy, representativeness, reliability, scale of audience and reach measurement. The connection is currently active in 40 countries.

Once DMA-tags have been placed in your campaign and/or website, the system will provide representative audience and reach verification insights. It will also aid better decision making with the support of DMAi’s Representative Reach Monitors. These monitors entail relevant Reach and Audience Rating, KPIs, Quality filters, and Currencies.

Sales Performance Validation and Verification solutions of the DMAi Enterprise Platform

Sales Performance Validation and Verification solutions of the DMAi Enterprise Platform

The DMAi Enterprise Platform allows brands and e-businesses to validate the process and outcome of their online sales investment. The DMAi Conversion technology quickly pinpoints “true drivers of online sales or traffic”

The essential differentiator of the DMA conversion validation technology is the ability to combine actual view-time data within individual conversion journeys. Research indicates that additional online sales boosts of 15-40% can be achieved when focusing more on the true drivers of conversions and less on non-viewable impressions or very short views.

The DMAi Dashboard provides a set of Validated Sales Performance Analytics to guide online media buyers and sellers to maximize ROI of online performance investment and to design smarter performance deals.

Brand Performance, Communication Research Validation, and Verification Solutions of the DMAi Enterprise Platform

The DMAi Enterprise Solution offers a unique and ‘Double Opt-in’ Research Connection. This connection has been established with leading global consumer panels like ResearchNow<>SSI as well as strong local panel vendors. This allows researchers to investigate the real (brand) impact of digital exposure to millions of real people. The DMA-Institute connects actual online exposure and behaviour to real respondents. Real respondents for researchers to use in their brand tracking, website research, or any other application of online communication research.

Professional research specialists can use the DMAi Research Panel Connection for:

  • Exposed versus non-exposed respondents (with cross-device touch points and time-in-screen)
  • Advanced Fieldwork pre-selecting capabilities (based on demographics, +100 other variables + exposed vs. non-exposed)
  • Significant scale in available panel-members. DMAi is connected to the largest global and local consumer panels 

Why Online Performance Scorecards?

DMAi provides media and marketing management with specific Scorecards to measure high-level and relevant KPIs and currencies.

Online Performance Scorecards allow brands to take appropriate actions – by campaign and/or country.

Online Performance Scorecards are designed to also incorporate cross-media information.

About ‘DMAi Connected’

DMAi Connect is an automatic API connection with our Partner Publishers, Trade Desks, and Programmatic Platforms.

DMAi Connect enables our partners direct and immediate access to DMAi Analytics and Campaign Data Insights. In addition, this also provides highly advanced, intelligent pre-bidding data and insights analytics to trigger smart algorithmic buying decisions. DMAi Connect is a dynamic data analytics connection.

GDPR Compliancy

DMA Institute has significant experience in protecting data, championing privacy, and complying with complex regulations. We believe that the GDPR is an important step forward in clarifying and enabling individual privacy rights.

DMA Institute is finalizing the process of taking every necessary step to fully comply with the GDPR, including evaluating all data processing activities, reviewing all contracts, privacy and security policies and procedures, to ensure compliance with the GDPR, in advance of the May 25, 2018 deadline.

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