Privacy & Compliancy

Last Updated: 1st September 2017

The DMA Institute’s technology platform and analytics is primarily interested in measuring if and how long an ad has been visible in an active screen of a user. All other information embedded in the page is not relevant and not recorded. With regards to online campaign reach information, this is being derived from EU compliant and DMAi connected anonymous and aggregated data. These information cannot be traced back to individual and actual persons.



  1. DMA Institute performs anonymous measurement for advertisers and publishers.
  2. No personal identifiable information is stored in DMA Institute’s database.
  3. IP Addresses is encrypted before storing them.
  4. The data collected by DMA Institute is kept strictly confidential.
  5. Data is stored on secured servers.
  6. The data belongs to DMA Institute’s client who asked DMA Institute to record them.
  7. DMA Institute does not transfer any information to any third party unless requested and explicitly agreed by the data owner (client).
  8. DMA Institute EU data is processed and stored within the EU.


Cookies are only required for Audience measurements. If a panel member wants not to be tracked any longer they can notify this to their access panel provider and their unique ID will no longer be linked to their computer and profile.

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  • Our DMAi pixel technology can be easily implemented and connected to any access panel offerings, including your own panel or external vendors or other information to form a crossover between generic profiles and visibility data.
  • DMAi has active panels in 40+ Countries .
  • Survey Sampling International.
  • MeMo² Panel Benelux.
  • Nextplora Spa Italy.


This policy may be changed from time to time, consistent with the requirements of the Safe Harbor. You can determine when this Policy was last revised by referring to the “LAST UPDATED” legend at the top of this page. Any changes to our Policy will become effective upon our posting of the revised Policy on the Site.