WFA introduces 8 principles for an improved digital environment

July, 2018

On the 17th May the World Federation of Advertisers published a manifesto describing their stance towards online transparency.
They call on the entire media chain to adhere to the following 8 principles:

  1. Zero tolerance to ad fraud with compensation for any breach
  2. Strict brand safety protection
  3. Minimum viewability thresholds
  4. Transparency throughout the supply-chain
  5. Third-party verification and measurement as a minimum requirement
  6. Removal of ‘walled garden’ issues
  7. Improving standards with data transparency
  8. Take steps to improve the consumer experience

DMA Institute subscribes to this view and is interested in the impact of the manifesto on the entire media chain in the coming period. We are excited to see that advertisers are coming together to take a stance and create a better environment for digital advertising.

DMAi’s services are aimed at improving transparency in the digital landscape, and with it, your campaigns are provided with independent insights based on many of the above principles, all GDPR compliant of course.

Interested in the full article? You can find it here: WFA 8 Principles